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Yacht Watch Program

Yacht Watch:


Simkins Yacht will board your vessel and conduct an inspection of the critical items inside the vessel at agreed upon intervals. Simkins Yacht will also look over the interior and exterior of the vessel and make any adjustments to dock lines, fenders and shore power cords.


Pre-showing preparation:


Making your boat “show ready” is imperative in today’s market.  Simkins Yacht will check the boat’s electrical, mechanical and marine systems for proper operation.  As part of the service we will wipe down the interior and wash down the exterior of the vessel.


Pre-survey inspection:


Boats are often not prepared for surveys.  A pre-survey inspection will look deeper into your boat systems so you can be prepared for any unforeseen issues or make any necessary repairs before the official survey. For a little investment you can prevent scaring off a buyer with a long surveyor’s list.


Storm Preparation:


The ability to ride out a storm safely is all about planning and the ability to have the time to implement the plan.  Many insurance companies require a storm plan and proof that certain actions were taken in preparation of a storm.  Simkins Yacht has 20 years experience with guiding customers through storm events and has a pre–storm checklist that has been used with great success.

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